January 24th

eDiscovery AI Ethics, Part 1: Definitions and Related Resources

There has been much discussion of late about whether and to what extent it is ethical to use...

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7 New Social Media Platforms Reshaping eDiscovery in 2022

The mass virtualization of the workforce and social distancing because of the pandemic undeniably...

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Why the Generative AI Renaissance Means Big Legal Headaches

Over the last few months social media feeds have been overrun with at times bizarre DALLE-2...

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Search in Reveal 11: Emoji

Today’s Search in Reveal 11 post focuses on how to search emoji in Reveal 11.

In earlier posts in...

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Search in Reveal 11: Reveal Query Language, Part 2

Today’s Search in Reveal 11 post continues with an examination of Reveal Query Language (RQL),...

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Outside The Litigation Box: Epic eDiscovery Secrets For Non-litigators

There is a vast web of software and hardware that powers business and personal life today. Last...

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7 things ediscovery

7 Things I Wish Law School Taught About eDiscovery

In the distant year of 2003, Beyonce made her first solo album, the Lord of the Rings was playing...

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