October 5th

eDiscovery is Dead… or is it?

“Is Electronic Discovery (eDiscovery) dead?”

I have posed this question on several of the last...

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Search in Reveal 11: Keyword, Concept, or Both

Reveal 11 offers search like you’ve never seen it before. Today, I’ll give an overview of three...

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Introducing Reveal Streams, the Next Evolution in eDiscovery Data Visualization

As an eDiscovery practitioner, former leader of a global law firms eDiscovery program and an...

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What is Reveal 11?

Introducing Reveal 11, a transformative e solution, the result of many years’ efforts to combine...

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Common Mistakes in eDiscovery, and How to Avoid Them

Few things strike more fear in the heart of a young associate or even a rainmaker partner than the...

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Using AI for Privilege Review

“Privilege logging and analysis can be one of the most time-consuming, expensive and challenging...

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Top eDiscovery Myths - BUSTED

While I may not have the pyrotechnic or mechanical engineering chops of Adam Savage, I still take a...

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