AI Image Recognition: The eDiscovery Feature You Didn't Know Existed

We find images and AI image recognition everywhere we turn in our personal lives and yet when it...

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What Is Relevant Data?

Relevant data. As attorneys and eDiscovery practitioners, we talk about it all the time. The idea...

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eDiscovery + AI: What's in YOUR Toolbox?

7 flavors of legal AI in eDiscovery explained and how to get the most bang for your buck!


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eDiscovery Certification Programs: From Law Student to Seasoned Practitioner

With all the demands on our time - client needs, looming deadlines, billable hour requirements  -...

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The Future of eDiscovery is all about 'Choose your own Adventure'

Why the one-size-fits-all era of eDiscovery is coming to an end

For the last decade, when it came...

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