Reveal AI 2.90 Release
Product release
May 14th

Announcing Reveal AI 2.90

This week Reveal announced the release of Reveal AI 2.90. The release has several key updates,...

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The Remarkable Growth of Alternative Legal Service Providers

Alternative Legal Service Providers – ALSPs – are very much in the news today, a sector that is...

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brainspace certifications

What's Next for Reveal's Online Certification Program

In the past 18 months, over 8,500 users have obtained Brainspace certifications. This certified...

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Foreign Language Review

Are You Spending Too Much For Foreign Language Document Review?

Foreign language document review has become a fact of life during the litigation process. As...

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Case Assessment Tools

Can Early Case Assessment Tools Reduce Review Costs?

Document review has long been a part of the electronic discovery process that tends to be...

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Brainspace Cluster Wheel

11 Reasons Lawyers Love Reveal's Brainspace Cluster Wheel

The Cluster Wheel is the most widely used visual analytics feature in Reveal's Brainspace...

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