December 29th

2020 – A Year in Digital Review

Year’s end is just around the corner, and it’s been a year like none other (and we don’t mean...

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eDiscovery In The Cloud or On-Premises? You Have Options with Reveal

Electronic discovery platforms can be deployed in various ways. Four leading approaches are...

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How Many Hurdles are in Your Foreign Language Document Review Process?

Foreign language document review posses hurdles. Modern law suits and investigations pull in...

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After 15 Years, Has the eDiscovery EDRM Model Been Realized?

The EDRM model guides us through the eDiscovery process. It helps us understand what actions we...

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What is eDiscovery Leaders Live?

Friday mornings at 11 am ET, I don a headset, string up a green screen, and settle down to chat...

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AI in the Legal Sector – the Obvious Choice

Using AI in the legal sector should be obvious. A wide array of artificial intelligence...

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