September 14th

What is an Anomaly?

In an earlier post, we took a look at the exquisite magic that is data anomaly detection. Today, we...

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ILTACON 2021: What to Expect

ILTACON 2021, one of the major annual legal tech gatherings, is coming. Offered as a hybrid event by

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9 Myths about the Reveal eDiscovery Platform... Busted

Reveal has been making headlines, and giving yours truly a wicked case of FOMO.  For the last...

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What Is Document Review?

As litigators handling lawsuits and investigations and as those who support them, we need to find...

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Clearing Production Hurdles in eDiscovery

Whether it is a last minute addition of 10 custodian’s data, weird data formats or simply ever -...

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How to Buy Legal Discovery Software Like a Pro

Committing to an eDiscovery platform for the first time? Considering switching platforms?...

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