December 27th

Top 10 Reveal Blogs of 2021


Top 10 Reveal Blogs of 2021

Reveal's legal tech industry influencers George Socha and Cat Casey provided their thought leadership in many pieces on all things AI, Machine Learning, eDiscovery, and more this past year.

We have pulled a list of the Top 10 Reveal Blogs below so you can catch up on any that you missed or want to read again. 

1. What is an AI Model?


2. 11 Reasons Lawyers Love Reveal's Brainspace Cluster Wheel


3. How Important is Active Learning for eDiscovery?


4. Legal AI for Dummies: A simplified look at AI for Law


5. 9 Myths about the Reveal eDiscovery Platform... Busted


6. Taming the DSAR Request Beast with eDiscovery Technology


7. What is Technology Assisted Review?


8. AI Image Recognition: The eDiscovery Feature You Didn't Know Existed


9. The Future of eDiscovery is all about 'Choose your own Adventure'


10. Slack Attacks to Zoom Booms, How Weird Data is Impacting eDiscovery



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