eDiscovery Leaders Live: Susan Bennett of InfoGovANZ

    George Socha
    George Socha

    eDiscovery Leaders Live: Susan Bennett of InfoGovANZ


    Susan Bennett, Founder & Executive Director of InfoGovANZ, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

    As the founder & executive director of InfoGovANZ, Susan is building an Information Governance community to drive best practice holistic governance solutions aligning data, information, privacy, and records with technology and regulatory compliance to achieve organizational goals. As an independent lawyer and governance consultant, Susan helps organizations strategically govern and manage their data and information with strategies and solutions that maximize value and minimize risk.

    Susan focused her comments on information governance, starting with her background, moving to the formation and early days of InfoGovANZ, and on to today’s issues.

    Key Highlights

      • [1:11] Introducing Susan.
      • [1:58] Susan’s background and her current focus.
      • [3:40] Royal Commissions explained.
      • [6:39] The importance of record-keeping, being able to find what you need to produce, and privacy in Royal Commissions.
      • [8:25] A lag in the development of eDiscovery and information governance in Australia.
      • [8:49] But in Australia they had judges keen for proportional discovery.
      • [9:44] Why Susan founded InfoGovANZ.
      • [11:30] The early days of InfoGovANZ.
      • [12:14] Working with regulators to talk about the intersection of privacy, privacy regulation, and other emerging areas.
      • [12:40] The challenges of complying with GDPR requirements.
      • [13:04] Ways to address those issues: break down internal silos.
      • [14:44] When collaboration among silos fails.
      • [17:18] Improving collaboration through steering committees.
      • [18:52] Roadblocks: the lack of good definitions.
      • [20:27] Takeaways from Legalweek 2023: the AI revolution is here.
      • [22:16] And with that revolution, an urgent need for regulation.
      • [25:16] Understanding benefits and risks of ChatGPT.
      • [26:47] Typing the AI revolution back to information governance.

    Key Quotes 

    • “What we had in Australia were commercial judges both in the supreme courts in the commercial list divisions, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria, and federal court judges who were very keen to have proportional discovery and not to have large sums of money spent by multinationals bogged down in discovery.”
    • “We set up an organization called InfoGovANZ with the primary aim of having a website to talk about it and then ActiveNav came along and said we’ll sponsor you and so we thought we’d better have some launch events.”
    • “There is an urgent need for AI regulation, as I said in my post. Standards are not going to be enough. The technologists are galloping ahead. Even the technologists are surprised at the rapid evolution of these large language models that we’ve been seeing developed.”

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