eDiscovery Leaders Live: Toni Millican of Reveal

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Toni Millican of Reveal


Toni Millican, Director, Customer Success, at Reveal, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

Toni recently joined Reveal as a Director on the Customer Success team. Before Reveal, Toni was with Trinity Industries, North America's premier provider of railcar products and services. She joined Trinity in 2017 to build their eDiscovery program and then led the company's data privacy, information governance, eDiscovery and litigation support functions and played an integral role in cyber threat protection. A certified eDiscovery Specialist with over 30 years of legal industry experience in both the public and private sector, Toni has an extensive background with implementation of enterprise-wide eDiscovery technology, development of litigation support procedures, and discovery management.

Toni shared her background, following with why she joined Reveal and comments about her role at Reveal. She talked about the onboarding process from its earliest steps when a client first comes on board to on-going support throughout the relationship. After discussing what successful customer success looks like, Toni looked at recent changes in the eDiscovery industry as well as how organization are using AI to good effect. She then talked about the need for internal eDiscovery subject matter experts and the value eDiscovery technology can offer in other arenas. Toni closed with thoughts about opportunities within the eDiscovery industry and advice for those hoping for a role like hers.

Key Highlights

  • [2:43] Toni’s background.
  • [5:07] Why Toni joined Reveal.
  • [6:19] Toni’s role at Reveal and what customer success at Reveal entails.
  • [8:49] Helping new customers feel comfortable and confident.
  • [10:19] The onboarding process customers can expect.
  • [12:03] What about Toni’s background is especially useful in her current role.
  • [14:34] What customer success after onboarding looks like.
  • [16:47] Recent changes in the eDiscovery industry.
  • [18:33] How organizations are using AI.
  • [20:13] The need to have internal eDiscovery subject matter experts.
  • [22:46] The value of eDiscovery technology outside the realm of eDiscovery.
  • [24:39] Opportunities for those entering or moving up in the eDiscovery industry.
  • [27:05] Advice for those hoping for a role like Toni’s.

Key Quotes 

    • “Once our sales team has been able to reach out and acquire a new customer, it’s my responsibility to manage the experience of that customer so it’s seamless and efficient to where they have adoption and are using the technology in the best way possible for their program.”
    • “We are in touch with [new customers] weekly. We also offer them online training courses which are set to reach out to a particular audience. Depending on their role…we have certain modules to help get them started with the tool, to make sure they understand the tool, the technology, the workflows, and the capabilities of the product… We don’t leave it at that. We need to make sure that after the training, we create some muscle memory.”
    • “It’s important to me to be able to strategize and make [new customers] think a little bit outside the box about how they are doing their deployment and the other ways that they can leverage the tool to help minimize the risk and the exposure of their organization.”
    • “It’s important to us to make sure we understand are there any use cases for them to work with our data scientists, potentially have an idea of where they want to build their AI models, and we’re here to help support that process.”
    • “I’m seeing organizations, executive leadership teams, general counsel offices realize, we have to adopt whether its TAR 1, TAR 2, we have to do that. We can’t stuck in this mindset that we have to look at every document. We have to use the insight that we can from AI technology to be able to keep up with our discovery practice or with our risk management.”
    • “AI is such a valuable tool to help you know where all of that sensitive information is sitting, who has access to it, and how to manage the data more effectively.”

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