eDiscovery Leaders Live: Tiana Van Dyk of Epiq

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Tiana Van Dyk of Epiq


Tiana Van Dyk, Senior Director, Client Services and Document Review at Epiq, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

Tiana is a Senior Director in Client Services, and co-leads Epiq’s Canadian business. In this role, she is responsible for Epiq’s document review and eDiscovery services in Canada. Tiana also acts as Global Chair for Epiq’s DEI group. Prior to joining Epiq, Tiana spent 13 years at Burnet, Duckworth and Palmer LLP where she was the Manager of Litigation Support and before that was with the law firm of Bennett Jones. Tiana is a law school guest lecturer and is active in ACEDS, EDRM, and The Sedona Conference.

Our discussion started with Tiana describing her path from kinesiology to eDiscovery and then Epiq. She talked about what a “typical” day at Epiq looks like, then moved to discussing the value of taking a consultative approach to client matters and challenges, the value of openness and transparency, and how to stay nimble even at a large service provider, offering examples along the way. The discussion shifted to portable AI models. Tiana explained portable AI models, described the jumpstart they can provide, talked about how to create AI models, and finally addressed adoption rates.

Key Highlights

  • [2:25] Tiana’s path to eDiscovery.
  • [5:30] Tiana’s role at Epiq.
  • [7:01] What Tiana’s days at Epiq look like.
  • [8:38] The value of a consultative approach.
  • [10:17] Examples of openness and transparency.
  • [11:42] Being nimble at a large service provider.
  • [15:08] Examples of workflows resulting from a consultative and dynamic approach.
  • [17:35] Using portable AI models to use learnings from one case to another.
  • [20:47] The jumpstart provided by using AI models.
  • [23:50] Creating AI models.
  • [25:59] AI model adoption rates.
  • [27:57] A more rapid adoption rate for AI models than for TAR.

Key Quotes by Tiana Van Dyk

  • “Clients will come to me with a problem. The strategy development around coming up with something that is going to work for them, work for their client, that is best for both of us – not just best for Epiq or not just best for the client – is something that I really, really love.”
  • “Developing [a cycle of partnership and collaboration] by being upfront and open and consultative at the beginning of the relationship that you build makes everything else that you do easier.”
  • “With the portable models what you are able to do is take learnings from work that you did, work that you paid hourly for, work that lawyers put their eyes on, and you can actually take the learnings from those, put them in a library, and apply those to future cases…. This is such an elevation over what we used to do, which was to start from scratch each time.”
  • “Where you used to have to do bulk volumes to get results, [with AI models] now you just have to fine-tune things that are distinct in the matter that you are talking about that are different from the matter you’ve done before.”

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