eDiscovery Leaders Live: Nicholas Wilson of Law In Order

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Nicholas Wilson of Law In Order


Nicholas Wilson, Director - eHearings at Law In Order, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for the first in a special set of ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive sessions broadcast from the Reveal stage at Legalweek 2023.

Nicholas has over 15 years’ experience in law and media, having worked extensively in news media production and broadcast television on some of Australia’s premier television productions and assisted barristers as a law clerk in various legal matters across Australia since 2014. Nicholas’ diverse range of legal and media technology skills and the strong cross-cultural competency he gained working on audio visual events in Singapore and as a delegate at the United Nations in Bangkok means he can deliver dynamic solutions within the legal tech space of eHearings.

Nicholas discussed eHearings: what they are, how they differ from traditional hearings, the benefits from there, the experiences of different constituents as they use them, and where eHearings might go next.

Key Highlights

    • [1:00] Introducing Nicholas, his background, and his time at Law in Order.
    • [2:00] His focus at Law in Order: eHearings.
    • [2:30] How eHearings differ from traditional hearings.
    • [2:43] Elements of eHearings.
    • [3:23] The composition of his eHearing team and what they do.
    • [4:05] Benefits of using eHearings
    • [4:38] The eHearing experience from the lawyer’s perspective.
    • [5:23] The interface used: Law in Order and LEXEL.
    • [7:28] Which parts of the platform lawyers can use and how.
    • [9:48] An offline mode, the mobile app, and other new capabilities.
    • [10:31] The eHearing experience from the judge’s perspective.
    • [11:50] The eHearing experience from the witness’s perspective.
    • [13:37] Their geographical coverage.
    • [14:08] What’s next - potentially.

Key Quotes 

  • “eHearings are digital courts, digital trials, and all the different services that work within the eHearing space…. The point where the eDiscovery starts to phase into preparing for court, that’s when the eHearings intercept the navigation through the life cycle of a matter…. A hearing in a traditional sense is where you are not using all the digital tools to enhance different parts of the process.”
  • “Most courts these days are facilitating an eHearing to most degrees because if you’ve got live transcription or you’ve got a video conferencing platform running, then that’s still an element of eHearing.”
  • “If you engage with an eHearing with the full suite of services, you’re going to have a better work-life balance because a lot of the things that we provide for lawyers is to enhance the process, the speed, the agility, the flexibility.”

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