eDiscovery Leaders Live: Lauren Roso

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Lauren Roso


Lauren Roso, Solutions Advisor at ProSearch, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

Lauren talks about the people side of what we do in eDiscovery, with a special emphasis on critical thinking and a holistic approach.

Key Highlights

  • [01:40] How the discovery industry has changed and what that the role of service providers has become.
  • [04:19] Moving from order takers to critical thinkers.
  • [06:08] Prebuilt, Plan A/Plan B, or bespoke: ProSearch’s approach to eDiscovery.
  • [08:26] The changing dynamic within corporate law departments and law firms.
  • [11:19] A more direct connection with corporate legal departments and others across corporations.
  • [12:56] The rise of the generalist.
  • [13:57] The importance of the ability to communicate effectively.
  • [15:38] Taking a holistic approach.
  • [18:07] Migrating from a transactional approach to a collaborative partnership.
  • [20:10] Changing corporate eDiscovery objectives.
  • [21:45] Managing communications effectively.
  • [23:25] Looking across the entire lifecycle of matters.
  • [25:52] “How can I do what you do?”
  • [27:48] Final thoughts.

Key Quotes by Lauren Roso

• “There is a lot of diversity in terms of how law firms are changing. There are some that are ready to move forward… while others just need to get to a number… but they are going to find that things are changing as well.”

• “Where the discovery legal department might have been a little bit separate, now we are seeing potentially working with other departments or bleeding into information governance – since of all the information in one way or another is connected for the corporation, to take away those barriers.”

• ‘[We are seeing] more ownership of the data from the corporate side…, the importance of privacy is making a shift to making more persons interested in their data.”

• “You have to really show they can trust you by giving guidance…by finding solutions but also putting up the right parameters, saying “no we can’t do this and here’s why”.


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