eDiscovery Leaders Live: Kate Clark of eDiscovery Collab - Episode 2

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Kate Clark of eDiscovery Collab - Episode 2


Kate Clark, the Chief Executive Officer of eDiscovery Collab, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive, broadcasting from Brisbane, Australia.

Kate Clark is highly regarded in the eDiscovery industry for developing smart solutions and strategies to help clients increase efficiencies and manage the costs associated with document review and litigation management. With more than three decades experience in litigation support, Kate has held senior management roles in both law firms and eDiscovery providers. With a strong knowledge of legal processes and procedures, and technical discovery issues, she delivers an unrelenting focus on quality and getting the best out of technology to minimize the time and cost of document management and legal review. Since launching eDiscovery Collab in 2017 (formerly known as Enhanced Litigation Management Solutions), an award-winning boutique eDiscovery solution provider, Kate and her team have been focused on being the best eDiscovery provider in the market working with law firms, inhouse legal teams, insolvency practitioners, and insurers across Australia and internationally.

Kate joined us for part 1 on May 2.

In part 2, Kate discussed all things tech. She started with what they look for in litigation software. Next, Kate talked about things that can cost the client money if not managed well. After that, she discussed things that can reduce the cost of the database and legal review. Kate close with some common mistakes and how to avoid them.


Key Highlights

    • [1:06] Introducing Kate.
    • [1:33] Evaluating 30-40 technology products a year.
    • [2:46] Evaluating litigation software.
    • [3:00] What they look for in litigation software: good basic eDiscovery skills.
    • [3:22] What they look for: secure and hosted in Australia.
    • [3:40] What they look for: easy-to-administer in the background.
    • [4:15] What they look for: compliance with Australia court rules.
    • [5:29] What they look for: technology assisted review or continuous active learning.
    • [6:18] What they look for: other AI technology in-built.
    • [6:29] Using built-in AI technology to build game-changing issue-based chronologies.
    • [7:05] What they look for: constant innovation.
    • [7:45] What they look for: no user license fees.
    • [8:16] Things that can cost clients if not managed well: strategic document collection.
    • [10:20] Things that can cost: busted metadata.
    • [11:33] Things that can cost: not removing irrelevant documents.
    • [12:07] Things that can cost: not complying with Australian numbering requirements.
    • [13:00] Things that can cost: inability to deduplicate files properly.
    • [13:50] Ways to reduce costs: identify problems with documents before processing them.
    • [14:18] Ways to reduce costs: deduplication.
    • [15:41] Ways to reduce costs: do junk culling.
    • [17:03] Ways to reduce costs: tag duplicates.
    • [18:06] Ways to reduce costs: use CAL on every matter.
    • [19:07] Ways to reduce costs: negotiate rates with your provider.
    • [20:00] Common mistakes: not getting your eDiscovery provider involved early enough.
    • [22:02] Common mistakes: lawyers not using the full functionality of the litigation database.
    • [25:40] Common mistakes: poorly defined and designed legal review strategy.
    • [28:11] Common mistakes: providers not monitoring quality of review work.

Key Quotes 

  • “We look at a lot of litigation software but very few of them get through to our stack.”
  • “We’ve been working with Reveal for the last 10 months to get the Australian numbering format into Reveal so that it flows nicely for our clients [and] doesn’t cost our clients any more money to do it.”
  • “If we engage with a product, we are looking for constant innovation of that product. With Reveal, we will constantly say to you, can we have this, can we have this, can we have this – you know what it’s like… And then we want you to tell us what’s coming next and that has to be something we haven’t thought of, and that’s what you guys are doing at Reveal.”
  • “Our purpose at eDiscovery Collab is to reduce the amount of time of legal review, because that’s the largest part of the litigation process by far.”

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