eDiscovery Leaders Live: Jamy Sullivan of Robert Half & Chad Volkert of Protiviti Legal Consulting

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Jamy Sullivan of Robert Half & Chad Volkert of Protiviti Legal Consulting


Jamy Sullivan is Executive Director of the Legal Practice at Robert Half, a premier talent solutions firm. An author and speaker on legal employment and practice management topics, she began her career with Robert Half in 2002 as an account executive in Columbus, Ohio. Over the years, Jamy has held various management positions within the company and received recognition for serving on project committees, mentoring internal employees, and her leadership performance. Sullivan, who is based in Dallas, became executive director in 2016 and manages operations for the legal practice in North America. Prior to her employment with Robert Half, Sullivan worked as a law clerk at an Ohio law firm and for the Ohio State Legislature.

Chad Volkert is the Global Solutions Leader for Protiviti Legal Consulting, and a member of the firm's Global Solutions Leadership team. He brings more than 22 years of legal optimization and executive management experience to his clients in the United States and around the world. He focuses on providing the C-suite, in-house counsel, and law firm leadership expertise in the areas of legal department transformation, hiring/retaining talent, litigation/eDiscovery, contract management, data privacy, M&A, and strategic business solutions.

Jamy and Chad discussed the related areas of alternative legal services and alternative legal service providers, and legal talent. They addressed what are meant by terms such as “alternative legal services”, “alternative legal service providers”, “talent models”, and “talent strategies”. They discussed the impact ALSPs have been having in the legal market, as well as why both organizations and individuals might consider ALSPs as a viable option. Finally, both Jamy and Chad shared their thoughts the current growth and potential future of ALSPs.

Key Highlights

  • [3:53] Alternative legal services and ALSPs defined.
  • [5:22] Will alternative legal services someday no longer be “alternative”?
  • [6:49] How corporate legal departments use ALSPs.
  • [8:25] How law firms use ALSPs.
  • [9:29] Talent models, talent strategies, and talent sourcing strategies for corporations, law firms, and ALSPs.
  • [12:05] Partnering with law firms and corporations to find the talent they need.
  • [14:24] What corporate legal departments should expect from a talent solutions firm like Robert Half.
  • [15:30] And what law firms should expect.
  • [16:27] An emphasis on partnership and collaboration.
  • [18:50] Protiviti’s innovation program.
  • [20:17] Why work for an ALSP.
  • [21:47] Tips for folks looking to join an ALSP.
  • [24:51] Factors contributing to ALSP growth.
  • [26:43] Trends in today’s legal hiring market.
  • [28:21] Thoughts on the future of ALSPs.

Key Quotes by Jamy Sullivan & Chad Volkert

    • “Today, alternative legal services and the providers offer a broad range of routine and also specialized services to both corporate legal departments and law firms. It’s a growing area. Most studies show that by the end of 2025 the spend with alternative legal service providers is going to be in excess of $20 billion.” - Chad
    • ”Dropping ‘alternative’ at this point is certainly something that many organizations are doing because this is a tested and proven model both for independent organizations as well as maybe law firms that have the bandwidth to offer some of those additional services themselves.’ – Chad 
    • “You have to really define what your talent management strategy is going to be and you have to be proactive in that approach to make sure you are securing the right talent. And ultimately you have to keep them engaged once you have them so that you can grow and optimize in your company’s abilities or your law firm’s capabilities and that way you can achieve your goals and your objectives.” – Jamy 
    • “[You would go to work for an ALSP because] first and foremost you have options. It’s such a growing and innovative landscape. If you have traditional legal skills but you’re more innovative, you’re more creative, this is your opportunity to work in a unique and a dynamic position in an evolving legal landscape.” – Jamy 
    • “Seventy-nine percent of law firms already are using an ALSP and 70% of corporations…. I see that trend continuing to grow based on my earlier comments about the need to handle complex problems that are across the globe [and the] need [for] trusted advisors and trusted resources to get those problems handled” – Chad 

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