eDiscovery Leaders Live: Hannah Shaw of Orbital Data Consulting

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Hannah Shaw of Orbital Data Consulting




Hannah Shaw, senior consultant at Orbital, joined George to discuss lessons learned, including those born of participating in putting together the first eDiscovery provider built entirely in the cloud. They discussed remote work, diversity and inclusion in eDiscovery, and the differences between eDiscovery in France and the United States - showing how different legal systems can vastly reshape eDiscovery processes. 

Hannah Shaw has spent her entire career working in eDiscovery. Fluent in French and  currently working in France, Hannah is part of the Orbital Data Consulting team that is spread across the globe with a presence in the United States, Europe and Asia.


  • 01:06 Who is Hannah Shaw?
  • 02:31 What Hannah has been doing at Orbital?
  • 04:21 Starting a business in the middle of the pandemic. 
  • 06:55 How remote work affects team collaboration.
  • 08:50 Fully remote eDiscovery: How to  figure out what to do.
  • 10:11 Why Orbital chose AWS as their eDiscovery cloud platform over other options. 
  • 10:46 Diversity and inclusion in eDiscovery: how it’s going.
  • 12:50 3 ways to increase diversity and inclusion in eDiscovery.
  • 14:38 One thing you can do during an eDiscovery meeting to make it more inclusive. 
  • 15:47  How you can deal with diversity and inclusion issues with eDiscovery clients.
  • 17:05  Moments where you can’t speak up about diversity and inclusion.
  • 19:39 Business advantages of diversity in eDiscovery. 
  • 21:05 How eDiscovery in France differs from eDiscovery in the United States.
  • 26:16 How eDiscovery platforms are used in France. 
  • 28:28 Third party data in eDiscovery in France.

In this episode:

  • Remote work allows people to work wherever they want to work and gives you access to a larger talent pool.
  • There are three aspects to increasing diversity and inclusion in eDiscovery: (a) listen, (b) educate, and (c) be an ally. 
  • If you want to increase the diversity of voices in your eDiscovery work setting, one thing you can do in your next meeting is to observe who dominates most of the space in the meeting, and politely say “thank you person x for sharing your opinion, maybe we can now hear from person Y about their thoughts on the topic”. 
  • The more people you bring into eDiscovery meetings, the more diverse ideas and experiences will come out of those meetings.  
  • There are many business advantages of having a diverse eDiscovery team. These include having a richer range of ideas and encouraging better clients.
  • eDiscovery in France is quite different from eDiscovery in the United States. Differences include law firm structures (in France, all lawyers are self-employed), a more targeted approach to discovery,  and laws surrounding cross border data sharing.


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