eDiscovery Leaders Live
September 22nd

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Frank Papsø of Data Discovery Lab

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Frank Papsø of Data Discovery Lab


Frank Papsø, a partner at Data Discovery Lab in Copenhagen, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

A technologist with decades of experience working with data at corporations and consulting firms, Frank and a team of experts at Data Discovery Lab work to digitize complex processes for global customers in their critical business journeys.

Frank talks about their lab, AI models, and “get to the point” meetings – their version of ECA.

Key Highlights

  • [01:56]Data Discovery Lab: It’s origins and focus.
  • [04:1] Frank discusses eDiscovery requirements and expectations in Denmark and Europe.
  • [06:24] Frank talks about investigations in Europe and how they differ from those in the US.
  • [08:49] Discovery Data Lab’s laboratory.
  • [09:35] The driver in the lab: AI models.
  • [10:15] “Get to the point” meetings.
  • [10:33] Getting lawyers to use the technology.
  • [11:19] The fourth part of the laboratory: clients building their own models.
  • [12:09] More “get to the point” and what comes after.
  • [15:43] Where they really get their fingers more heavily involved.
  • [16:43] Building AI models: tomorrow happening today.
  • [22:15] Building IP – their own and that of clients.
  • [25:14] Looking to the future.
  • [26:21] Building the Data Discovery Lab academy.

Key Quotes by Frank Papsø

  • We are building a big, big lab where I normally say we have more than 30 different algorithms waiting for attacking the data and figuring out what’s in here.
  • The driver in the lab is actually the Reveal AI…because in there we have of course a library of models but we have our own models developed, we have all kind of graphic views, so all those prebuilt and our own models are waiting for data to come…
  • The big [clients] have their own laboratory and in that laboratory they are building their own models.

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