eDiscovery Leaders Live
November 17th

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Dan Regard

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live: Dan Regard


Dan Regard, Founder and CEO of iDiscovery Solutions, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for ACEDS #eDiscoveryLeadersLive.

Dan founded IDS in 2008. A programmer and attorney by training, Dan has been an eDiscovery and computer science consultant for 25 years during which he has conducted system investigations, created data collections, and managed discovery on over 1,000 matters. Adding to that, Dan has testified most than 150 times over the past decade, served as a special master, and helped found or been active in numerous industry organizations.

Dan discusses the eDiscovery renaissance, working with modern data, and the intricacies of being an expert witness.

Key Highlights

  • [3:08] An eDiscovery renaissance.
  • [4:53] Emerging opportunities to accelerate dispute resolution.
  • [6:08] The creation of a new body of evidence.
  • [8:05] The changing nature of email as evidence.
  • [9:21] What to do about the thousands of databases and applications confronting us today.
  • [10:00] IDS’s Fact Crashing: best practices for identifying, qualifying, and prioritizing data sources.
  • [11:20] “Zero email” cases.
  • [12:31] The frailty of written communications.
  • [14:10] The difference between knowing what witnesses said and what they did.
  • [15:47] An opportunity for attorneys to once more focus on practicing law.
  • [17:56] IDS’s D3R: Data-Driven Dispute Resolution.
  • [19:59] IDS’s use of Reveal’s platform to get past the mere words: more tools to strategize, not just execute
  • [20:50] Expert witnesses, the art of testifying, and building a stable of testifiers.
  • [23:55] What sets apart an organization providing expert witnesses.
  • [24:39] The role of the testifier.
  • [26:42] Practices to ensure experts don’t stand alone.

Key Quotes by Dan Regard

    • “I have never been more excited about eDiscovery than I am today. We are in the middle of a medieval level renaissance, if you will, of eDiscovery where everything that was regular is old but there is so much new to do. We are rewriting the rules. We are rewriting best practices. We are creating new technologies. We are forging in new directions. And we are dealing with an entire new body of evidence that never existed before.”
    • “[Email] is only one database, and I have clients who have 4,000 approved databases and unknown unapproved databases and applications and so when you think it took us 20 years to get our head around one, your question is timely. What do we do with the other 4,000?”
    • “I think what sets us apart is the fact that we have a critical mass of testifiers in a variety of disciplines. I think what sets up apart is that we look at expert testimony again as both a science and an art and we actually study it.”

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