eDiscovery Leaders Live: Christiane Müller-Haye of Clifford Chance


eDiscovery Leaders Live: Christiane Müller-Haye of Clifford Chance



Christiane Müller-Haye, Regional Legal Technology Director Continental Europe at Clifford Chance, joined George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal-Brainspace, for ACEDS’s eDiscovery Leaders Live sponsored by Reveal.

A Member & Country Representative Europe for the Global LegalTech Consortium and a Board Member and Social Media Director for Women in eDiscovery, Frankfurt Chapter, Christiane has held leadership positions at Morae, Phoenix Business Solutions, r.o.w. Consulting, Epona Deutschland, and Hengeler Mueller.

Listen in as Christiane speaks about data privacy, in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Christiane discussed the GDPR’s influence on eDiscovery. She also talked about what companies outside of Germany need to consider if they are potentially subject to GDPR. Considerations she mentioned included banking secrecy, intellectual property protection, and other categories of data governed by the GDPR.

The conversation with Christiane ultimately revolved around the importance of understanding the data you possess, with Christiane noting that industry practitioners not only need to embrace eDiscovery software, but also use the right technologies in conjunction with that software (i.e. collaboration platforms, etc.).

Key Highlights

  • What do companies based outside of Europe, who are potentially subject to GDPR requirements, need to know about what is taking place in Germany?
  • If there were a major lawsuit based in the U.S. brought against a substantial corporation with operations around the world, including research and manufacturing facilities in Germany, how can they navigate potential restrictions put in place not just by the GDPR but other regulatory bodies as well?
  • Christiane asks George for his thoughts on leveraging global active learning models that respect local data privacy restrictions.

Powerful Quotes by Christiane Müller-Haye

  • In Germany, we mostly rely on in-country processing and hosting along with prefiltering [...] before we let anything out of the country.
  • Historically, law firms tend to avoid the cloud when they can just to make sure they’re on the safe side. They have opened the law in such a way that they can do what is considered social etiquette—although “social etiquette” is not clearly defined.
  • It’s important that, as a service provider in eDiscovery, you should always have the option of different technologies depending on the case that you have in front of you.
  • Our strategy at Clifford Chance is not just using discovery software, but embracing the right technology for increased efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of the meta. That could be anything from a collaboration platform or other tools which help the meta move forward.

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