eDiscovery Leaders Live at Legalweek: Zach Warren of Legaltech News

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live at Legalweek: Zach Warren of Legaltech News

Zach Warren, the editor-in-chief of Legaltech News, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for a specialACEDS#eDiscoveryLeadersLive from Legalweek in New York. 

Key Highlights

        • [1:15] Zach’s background and his role as the editor-in-chief of Legaltech News. 
        • [1:48] The return of Legalweek: A high level of excitement. 
        • [2:28] Attendance at this year’s event: Solid with high caliber attendees. 
        • [3:46] Absence made the heart grow fonder. 
        • [4:47] The wide variety and range of sessions offered – much more than just eDiscovery. 
        • [6:41] Zach and Tomek Jankowski’s “Future State of the Industry” keynote presentation. 
        • [8:06] What really stood out about the conference. 
        • [9:31] Moving the conference to March, this year and into perpetuity. 
        • [10:28] Parting comments: a big thank you to such a fun, cordial community. 

Key Quotes by Zach Warren

    • People are so excited to be seeing people in person face to face….. [The energy] was ramped up to eleven this year.” 
    • I think [the conference] expanded beyond eDiscovery and there were so many different types of legal tech problems and solutions and things to think about. 
    • “The other thing that really stood out for me is frankly how many business-oriented conversations I was having. It’s no secret that there’s been a lot of venture capital money flowing in, a lot of consolidation within the industry, and especially as I was meeting with a different companies and providers that was the one thing that really stood out.” 
    • “This really is the event that gives me story ideas and gets me set for pretty much everything I’m doing for the next nine months.” 

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