eDiscovery Leaders Live at Legalweek: Ellen Blanchard of T-Mobile

George Socha
George Socha

eDiscovery Leaders Live at Legalweek: Ellen Blanchard of T-Mobile

Ellen Blanchard, Director, Discovery and Information Governance, at T-Mobile, joins George Socha, Senior Vice President of Brand Awareness at Reveal, for a specialACEDS#eDiscoveryLeadersLive from Legalweek in New York. 

Key Highlights

    • [1:10] Ellen’s role at T-Mobile.
    • [1:50] Ellen’s takeaways from Legalweek. 
    • [2:20] What she has been looking for – and what she has found – at the conference: what to do about collaboration tools and content. 
    • [4:46] Her ideal eDiscovery solution for working with collaboration content. 
    • [8:37] TAR for short messages: not yet but hoping for a solution. 
    • [9:13] Also wanted: a way to deal with recordings from collaboration platforms. 
    • [10:03] And also wanted: What to do about preserving and reviewing collaboration content. 
    • [10:53] The challenge of multiple collaboration platforms. 

Key Quotes by Ellen Blanchard

    • “Our biggest pain point is collaboration tools. Especially with COVID we’ve seen an increase in the use of the messaging tools and whiteboarding apps and things like…and those don’t fit neatly within the four squares of a document.” 
    • All of the employees I’ve talked to, both current life and prior life, when you explain to them why it is that it matters where they are storing things or how they’re storing things, they get it. 

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