Candy Canes and Courtrooms: All-Time Best Holiday Movies For Lawyers

Cat Casey
Cat Casey

Candy Canes and Courtrooms: All-Time Best Holiday Movies For Lawyers

As the holiday season rolls in, it's the perfect time for lawyers, paralegals, and legal tech enthusiasts to indulge in some cinematic joy. Whether you're celebrating Christmas, or Hanukkah, or just in need of some festive spirit, I've compiled a list of holiday movies that blend yuletide joy with legal intrigue.

Imagine a cozy evening, swapping legal briefs for a movie marathon of holiday classics. From the fine print antics in ‘The Santa Clause’ to the legal charm of ‘Miracle on 34th Street,’ these films are sure to delight and entertain. So, let's swap gavels for popcorn and enjoy a holiday season brimming with laughter, legal quirks, and cinematic magic.

Whether you are looking to add a dash of holiday cheer on Christmas eve or the 5th day of Hanukkah, these classic Christmas movies and even a few newer entrants should scratch your legal holiday itch!

This Christmas let’s sprinkle a little judicial jingle on your holiday season. Lets trading in our briefcases for popcorn buckets and our case files for remote controls because it’s time to binge-watch our way through the holidays, lawyer-style!



Miracle on 34th St

Ah 'Miracle on 34th Street'! Just a heartwarming tale about Santa Claus and the spirit of Christmas? Think again! This film is 'Law & Order: Santa's Workshop Edition.' and I am here for it!

In this holiday classic, Kris Kringle, a charming old man with a beard whiter than a brand-new legal pad, claims he's the real Santa Claus. Sounds delightful, right? But wait—New York City says, 'Hold on, let's litigate this!' And bam! We're suddenly in the middle of a bona fide Christmas courtroom drama.

So, what’s on trial? Santa's sanity, that's what! The court has to decide whether Kris Kringle is indeed Santa Claus or just a charming fellow who might be one candy cane short of a full stocking. We've got a skeptical little girl who's more dubious than a cross-examining attorney, a mom who's seen more cynicism than a seasoned judge, and a lawyer who's tasked with proving that Santa is real. The burden of proof? Heavier than Santa's bag of toys.

The trial scenes are a holly, jolly blend of legal lingo and Christmas magic. In the end, 'Miracle on 34th Street' isn't just about believing in Santa Claus. It's about believing that sometimes, just sometimes, the law can be as magical as the holiday season.



The Santa Claus 1

This isn't just a tale of Santa and his reindeer; it's a story where the fine print gets as much attention as the Christmas list.

Our Christmastime protagonist, Scott Calvin, just your average guy, accidentally causes Santa to take a tumble from his roof (yikes!). And so, he did the most logical thing and put on the dead guy’s suit (ew). By putting on the Santa suit, Scott unwittingly enters a contract - yep, the 'Santa Clause.'

Scott's transformation into Santa isn’t just magic; it's legally binding. He's got to navigate the ins and outs of his new role, complete with a sleigh driver’s license and a weight clause!

'The Santa Clause' cleverly mixes the merry and bright with the nitty-gritty of contract law. It's a holiday romp that teaches us to always read the fine print, especially if it turns you into the jolliest man alive.



The Santa Claus 2: Mrs. Claus

So, what's the legal loophole this time? The 'Mrs. Clause.' That's right, our beloved Santa, Scott Calvin, discovers there’s a clause in his Santa contract that's been overlooked: he must find a Mrs. Claus or forfeit his Santa-hood. Talk about a high-stakes legal stipulation!

This festive sequel turns into a matrimonial mission, making it part holiday magic, part legal drama. It’s like 'The Bachelor' meets 'Judge Judy' at the North Pole. Scott has to juggle his duties of running the workshop, keeping the elves in line, and oh, finding true love to satisfy the contractual clause. Who knew Santa’s job description included a mandatory walk down the aisle?



Santa Claus 3: Escape Clause

Just when we thought all the fine was sorted... enter the 'Escape Clause.’ Just when Scott Calvin, aka Santa, thought he had the Santa gig down, he faces a frosty legal twist. If he holds a mysterious snow globe and declares he wishes he'd never become Santa, poof! He's back to being just Scott Calvin.

But wait, there's a frosty foe in town – Jack Frost, nipping not just at your nose but at Santa's job! Frost's icy ambition? To trick Santa into invoking the Escape Clause and steal the big red suit for himself. It's a legal loophole large enough for a sleigh to fly through.

This festive fiasco turns the North Pole into a legal battlefield, where the fine print is as slippery as black ice. 'The Santa Clause 3' is more than just elves and eggnog; it's a lesson in reading the teeny-tiny details in those magical contracts.



The Case for Christmas

In this bingeable little gem, a greedy businessman launches a class action lawsuit against Santa Claus, blaming him for emotional damage due to inaccurate gift-giving. Enter our unlikely hero, a plucky lawyer who's got to prove that Santa is the real deal. It's like 'A Few Good Men,' but with elves and reindeer. This lawyer isn't just fighting for Santa; he's battling to bring back the lost Christmas spirit to a town that's forgotten how to deck the halls.

The courtroom becomes a battleground of belief, where jingle bells meet gavels. And our lawyer? He's less about legal jargon, more about reigniting the magic of Christmas. 'The Case for Christmas' is a festive romp that reminds us all – yes, even the Scrooges out there – that sometimes, the best legal argument is a hearty dose of holiday cheer.



Let it Snow

This isn't your ordinary holiday movie—it's a winter wonderland where legal matters find their way into a snowy love story.

A lawyer returns to her hometown during the holiday season, but instead of cozying up to the fireplace, she finds herself back in the courtroom. It's like 'Legally Blonde' meets a winter wonderland. But fear not, this isn't your typical legal thriller. It's a heartwarming tale of rekindled romance and rediscovering the magic of the season. Think of it as a legal brief with a side of hot cocoa.

So, if you're in the mood for a legal twist on your holiday movie marathon, 'Let It Snow' will warm your heart like a cup of cocoa on a chilly winter's day. It's a snow-covered legal affair that'll melt even the iciest of hearts.



Eight Crazy Nights (Sorta)

This isn't your typical festive fare; it's an animated comedy that combines the spirit of Hanukkah with a splash of legal mischief.

Meet Davey Stone, a guy with a not-so-jolly attitude towards the holidays. But when he finds himself in hot legal water after a drunken escapade, he's given a choice: face jail time or spend the holiday season as a referee for a youth basketball league. It's like 'A Christmas Carol' with a twist – instead of ghosts, we've got basketballs and a bit of legal trouble.

OK, this one is a bit of a stretch, but there is a surprising lack of Hanukkah themed legal Christmas movies (even ChatGPT was stumped!)



The Mistletoe Promise

This isn't your typical romantic tale; it's a love story with a twist – and a touch of legal humor.

Meet Elise and Nick, two strangers who decide to become each other's 'plus-one' for the holidays. But here's the catch: they create a contract called the 'Mistletoe Promise' to seal the deal. It's like 'The Bachelor' meets 'The Legal Eagles.'

As they embark on a whirlwind holiday adventure, they discover that love and festive contracts don't always follow the script. There are cozy moments by the fireplace, magical encounters, and even a dash of legal drama when Elise's ex-fiancé enters the picture.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the best Christmas Movies are not quite legal enough to add to the list... but if you stretch your imagination they might fit!



How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Obviously, the Grinch is breaking more than a few laws when he breaks and enters all the Whoville homes and burglarizes them! The Whos have many property right-related causes of action. And the Grinch might have grounds to discuss defamation and Intentional Infliction of emotional distress!



Home Alone

Kevin might have decent grounds for a case of child abandonment and endangerment. But Harry and Marv could bring charges for assault and battery. Can Kevin involve self-defense or is he liable for the injury and property damage his booby traps caused?




In this modern take on the Dickens Classic, A Christmas Carol, Frank Cross embodies the scroogiest scrooge and does a great job of Intentionally Inflicting Emotional Distress and a hostile work environment.



Die Hard

We shall leave the questions as to how Christmassy Die Hard is for another blogger, but when it comes to legal causes of action… we have a plenty! The big baddie, Hans Gruber, and his group engage in terrorism, hostage-taking, theft, and a range of violent crimes! The setting, Nakatomi Plaza, also raises some issues relating to property and employment law!

John McClane, takes matters into his own hands to save the hostages, including his wife. His actions raise questions about the legal limits of self-defense. In real life, the legality of such actions would be closely scrutinized in terms of proportionality and necessity.



Now you are ready to get into the legal holiday spirit in a big way! Now let’s open your Netflix, grab a cocoa, and start our holiday binge-watching in earnest!