March 19th

Balfour Beatty Selects Reveal as eDiscovery Partner


Balfour Beatty Selects Reveal as eDiscovery Partner

Meet Balfour Beatty 

Reveal recently announced that Balfour Beatty, a building contracting company, has chosen Reveal as its new national eDiscovery partner.  

Balfour Beatty is a top provider of general contracting, at-risk construction management, and design-build services for clients in the public and private sectors. They are also part of the international Balfour Beatty plc (LSE: BBY), an innovative infrastructure group. As one of the top domestic building contractors in the United States, they’re one of the best at what they do. 

The Search for an eDiscovery Partner

So what would an industry-leading contracting company want with eDiscovery services? 

“When starting this process, I knew we needed a platform that was cloud-based and easily scalable,” said Balfour Beatty’s national director of litigation management, Aaron Bath, CED, RP. During their search for the ideal technology partner, Bath wanted to find the best platform to handle their data. 

Balfour Beatty has specific eDiscovery needs and, like any robust company, a list of areas they want to optimize; their goals are to improve efficiency, lower costs, and leverage their documents. In terms of the discovery process, they want an artificial intelligence platform that is easy to use and has strong visualization tools.  

Why Balfour Beatty Chose Reveal 

That’s where Reveal comes in, a platform that has the flexibility, resources, and ease of use that is essential for an industry-leading company. Reveal is in the perfect position to accommodate these requirements and help reach Balfour Beatty’s discovery goals. 

Reveal’s key advantage for the company is its ability to adapt to the shifting needs of every case. Perfectly set up to handle this, Reveal’s predictable pricing model, 19 data centers worldwide, cloud-based eDiscovery, and self-service functionality are ideal for their work. The latest version of Reveal’s platform is certainly appealing to Balfour Beatty’s eDiscovery process as well, with its increased speed and scalability that is designed to streamline the review process, the development is promising for business. 

Finding the Right eDiscovery Partner 

When Balfour Beatty chose to partner with Reveal, they were pleased to find that working with the platform has indeed been an advantageous decision. 

Bath expressed his satisfaction with Reveal’s consulting process and training teams, who developed a custom-made workflow tailored to the challenges they were facing. He said, “Reveal’s platform has the flexibility to interact with our data in a manner we are accustomed to.” 

Every corporate legal department has a distinct set of requirements for the cutting-edge artificial intelligence software they partner with, and Balfour Beatty is no different. Reveal provides eDiscovery solutions for law firms and corporate legal departments around the world and is proud to collaborate with their newest partner, Balfour Beatty.