September 18th

Why We Acquired NexLP: Insight into Reveal’s Master Plan


Why We Acquired NexLP: Insight into Reveal’s Master Plan

A month ago, we announced that we acquired NexLP, the leading artificial intelligence software in the legal industry. But what does that mean for Reveal? Well, it means eDiscovery is about to get next-level with AI. 

“The future of eDiscovery is artificial intelligence. We’ve acquired the leader in this space to ensure our platform is powered by cutting-edge AI technology and NexLP’s premier data science team,” said Reveal CEO, Wendell Jisa. “This deep integration of NexLP AI into Reveal’s solution provides our clients the opportunity to lead in the evolution of how law is practiced.”

We’ve always been focused on the best way to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of the legal industry. The development of a next-generation, AI-powered eDiscovery platform allows us to be on the cutting edge of that mission. 

Everything, including NexLP’s AI engine, is available in one centralized interface. This unification does not affect pricing and users do not need a separate account to access NexLP’s AI. Everything is seamlessly integrated.


The Story of Reveal and NexLP

Let’s take a step back into 2009, when Reveal was founded and determined to build a progressive review platform. In 2011, the first version of Reveal was released. Over the course of the next few years, Reveal would expand to Europe (2015), launch 19 data centers worldwide, acquire Mindseye, and eventually integrate NexLP’s leading-edge AI technology.

When Reveal began a partnership with NexLP, it took our document review software to the next level.

NexLP caught our attention because they have been offering advanced AI technology with cognitive analysis since 2013. As a leader in the industry and a fellow Chicago-based software developer, we knew it would be an ideal partnership.

At the time of the partnership, NexLP Co-Founder and CEO said, “We believe in an AI model-driven future for eDiscovery and enterprise risk mitigation, and this partnership with Reveal Data will bring this vision to tens of thousands of users on a daily basis.” Without a doubt, NexLP improved Reveal’s value proposition to our customers. But even then, we were still in the process of working towards a fully integrated platform. 

Fast forward to today when Reveal is taking the next big step with NexLP and has fully realized that vision of complete AI integration. The companies’ shared goals and drive to provide a better user experience and more value to our customers are what made this acquisition possible. By continuing our relationship of collaboration and innovation, Reveal is building a bright future with NexLP. There is no one better to speak on this subject than the newest member of Reveal’s leadership team, Jay Leib, Reveal EVP of Innovation & Strategy.

“We chose Reveal, after considering all the major players in the space, because they offer by-far, the most comprehensive, solutions-oriented technology on the market and we have a shared vision for the future of legal technology,” said Leib. “Reveal’s global footprint and ability to deploy the Reveal solution in the cloud or on-premise enables us to rapidly expand the adoption of AI to tens of thousands of legal, risk and compliance professionals overnight. Our existing clients and partners should all be thrilled with our ability to expand our capabilities by joining Reveal.”


Why NexLP?  Going all-in on AI.

How did we know NexLP was the one? It’s all about creating the most all-inclusive eDiscovery software package possible. The full inclusion of NexLP allows Reveal to meet the legal industry’s need for artificial intelligence by offering the functionality as an included feature of our all-in-one software. Until now, Reveal hadn’t yet completed its vision to deliver an AI-powered eDiscovery software in the most convenient form possible. 

NexLP’s linguistic intelligence, content classification, emotional intelligence, and behavioral intelligence capabilities further improve Reveal’s review technology. The AI platform turns unstructured data into meaningful insights. The platform processes data from multiple sources, including email communications, business chat messages, contracts and legal documents. This data can then be used to deliver operational efficiencies and proactive risk mitigation for legal, corporate and compliance teams.

The solution continues to improve the services Reveal offers by using machine learning, or active learning, to streamline review and create portable AI models. This means that when an AI model retains information from one case, it can bring that knowledge to all your future cases, instead of starting with a blank slate. 


What does this mean for the culture at Reveal?

The acquisition of NexLP means more than the merging of software companies, it’s also the convergence of two different workplace cultures. Although the cultures of legal service providers vs. legal technology companies tend to have different reputations, Reveal and NexLP will always be a pillar of dedication and professionalism in the industry. While Reveal provides both services and technology, we haven’t lost sight of our core principle of putting the customer first and prioritizing 24/7 responsiveness. 

NexLP becoming a part of the Reveal team pushes us to live up to our mission to always move forward and provide optimal services. Our teams succeed in working together because we are merging the best parts of both our industry’s workplace cultures. We only bring the foremost people and technology into Reveal, so expect services to be better than ever.


What does this mean for you?

If your organization wants access to NexLP’s advanced AI, the Reveal platform and our industry-leading solutions are for you. All Reveal clients now have access to the next generation solution, meaning you’ll reap the full benefits of Reveal joining forces with NexLP. Together, we have created an eDiscovery solution that harnesses the best in processing, review, and artificial intelligence. With Reveal and NexLP, law firms and legal teams have the tactical advantage of features that address risk mitigation and quality control. And as a progressive eDiscovery solution, it’s important to us that we give customers access to the most integrated, AI-powered platform on the market. 

For more than a year, our teams have been working to integrate NexLP’s AI software into Reveal’s review software, and now that work is paying off. Not only do you get it all, you also get the flexibility of Reveal’s deployment options. The benefit of having 19 data centers worldwide is that customers have the capability to host data anywhere, making Reveal the best option for global matters. You also have the options to utilize Reveal software in the Cloud, On-Premises, in a Hybrid model (Cloud and On-Premises), and in mobile kits. These options are unique advantages that most eDiscovery providers don’t offer. 

Acquiring all the tools you need under one roof means that we’re living up to our promise of a “batteries included” approach. Reveal is simplifying AI for all users by integrating it fully into the review platform as a seamless component of the eDiscovery workflow. In addition to simplifying AI, Reveal also has a simplified pricing model. Our predictable prices eliminate the need to go to separate vendors for AI, Processing, Review, and other functions. Acquiring NexLP doesn’t change that. In fact, our services are more all-inclusive than ever. 

Reveal is committed to being a leader in the industry by providing the only all-in-one, fully-integrated, AI-powered eDiscovery platform. We invite you to join us on this exciting path forward.  

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