April 13th

What's Next for Reveal's Online Certification Program

Michael Griffin & George Socha
Michael Griffin & George Socha

What's Next for Reveal's Online Certification Program

In the past 18 months, over 8,500 users have obtained Brainspace certifications. This certified user population represents nearly a thousand organizations across over 70 countries. This online training program has created a global network of certified experts while also helping customers increase their utilization of Reveal’s technology platforms.

Building upon the success of the Brainspace certification program, and with the recent Reveal-Brainspace merger, Reveal is expanding its online training course catalog with plans to offer five more eDiscovery certification courses.  2021 will bring new courses on Reveal AI, Reveal Review and Reveal AI Sales, and Advanced Techniques and Best Practices.

Reveal's online learning program currently encompasses five on-demand certification courses. Easy to enroll, self-paced, content-rich, and based on specific personae, the certification courses teach foundational knowledge and empower you to maximize the value you get from Reveal's suite of legal technologies. Each course is structured to let you go at your own speed, is designed to be completed in less than one day, and culminates with an online exam to test your understanding of the content.

  • The Brainspace Analyst Certification teaches you how to use all the major features Reveal's Brainspace technology and trains you on standard use cases and associated workflows.
  • Brainspace Specialist Certification. Become a certified specialist as you learn how to manage datasets, connectors, and user permissions as well as how to perform basic troubleshooting of the Brainspace environment.
  • The Brainspace Administrator Certification, which teaches how to support the Brainspace environment including software installations and upgrades, is ideal for users tasked with ensuring that Brainspace runs smoothly. It provides basis and advanced troubleshooting techniques along with best practices for resource management and application security.
  • The Brainspace Sales Certification course instructs on how to explain the value proposition of Brainspace to prospects, customers, and decision-makers. It includes an overview of current market challenges as well as how to use Reveal's Brainspace technology to solve those challenges.
  • The newest course, released in March, is the Reveal Reviewer Certification. This course teaches the fundamentals of document review in Reveal, providing the knowledge needed to perform review with the platform including searching, batch management, and document coding. It also contains instruction on how to leverage the platform's AI features to review more complex data types.

Reveal offers its certifications courses through its online learning platform, Brainwaves, for the entire suite of products including Reveal, Brainspace, and NexLP. Average course completion times range from one hour for the Sales Certification Course to five hours for the Admin Certification Course.

Once you purchase a course, you have online access to that course for 90 days, even if you fail the course exam. Each certification course permits you at least one additional retake of the course exam, should that be necessary. Certifications are active for 12 months (or 24 months, for the sales certification). Recertification is free, takes only a few hours to complete, and does not require an exam.

Reveal plans to launch a Sales Certification course in May 2021, focused on the total Review solutions. This course will be followed by a highly anticipated Reveal AI Certification course to train users on the key features of Reveal AI. Reveal then plans to deliver, in the latter half of 2021, processing, admin, and expert certification courses. These latter courses will be designed to train users as they learn to process data in Reveal; install, upgrade, and support the platform; and become experts in advanced Reveal Review and Reveal AI techniques and best practices for managing the most critical phases of the EDRM within Reveal.


If you are interested in joining our global network of certified experts, register here for a Brainspace certification program