March 29th

How Trustpoint.One Saved The Day With Reveal AI

George Socha
George Socha

How Trustpoint.One Saved The Day With Reveal AI

Your worst fear has been realized. You were sitting on a half-million discovery documents. You needed outside counsel to find the key documents and find them fast. The clock was ticking, with discovery deadlines looming far too close. The law firm's attorneys said, "We're on it." They kicked off their standard process - they've done this many times before, they assured you; they've got in under control.

But now it's four months and $800,000 later and all you have are 11 hot documents. Your budget is in shambles. Your attorneys are trying to explain that this process unavoidably takes time and money and, of course, they can't deliver results; all this just sounds like excuses to you. Opposing counsel is screaming about terminating sanctions. And the judge seems sympathetic... to them, not to you.

Now what?

While the actual situation wasn't as bleak as the scenario above, recently a Fortune 10 company and its counsel found themselves in similar straits. After spending over 11,000 hours and many months reviewing 500,000 documents, the company's law firm had found only 11 hot documents. They needed a better approach.

The firm turned to Trustpoint.One and it's Artificial Intelligence Consulting group, which leveraged the Reveal AI Story Engine and Reveal's AI models. On the first day of searching, Trustpoint located 3 new hot documents and identified additional potentially interesting ones.

By day 12, Trustpoint had completed its analysis of the initial 500,000 documents, finding 19 new hot documents and accomplishing more in a couple of weeks than counsel's traditional process had delivered after months of review.

To learn how Trustpoint made that happen, read Trustpoint.One uses AI to find more data in less time or contact us.


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